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Best Method for Safely Moving a Hot Tub

You've finally closed on a new home that you love after a string of open houses, offers, and counteroffers. Congratulations! Now all you have to do is relocate your belongings and begin a new life in the house of your dreams. On moving day, you'll also discover who your true friends are because they'll be with you.

However, when a hot tub needs to be moved, even those closest and trustworthy pals could feel intimidated. Spas can have odd shapes and be fairly big. Hot tubs are easier to move than you may imagine when they are properly prepped. While it is possible to move a hot tub with the help of friends or even on your own, it may not be the safest option. Transferring your hot tub on your own could also be expensive and void any existing warranty you may have.

Preparation is Key!

Although it's not a difficult task, draining the water from your spa before relocating it requires that you do more than just empty the shell; you will also need to empty the pumps and pipes.

Following these steps will ensure your spa has been thoroughly drained:

  1. Cut off the power source. Inside the circuit box, look for the breaker switch, and turn it to the off position. If you have a 110v spa model, simply unplug the power chord from the wall . It should be noted that hot tubs that are directly attached to the power supply will need to be properly disconnected by an electrician and/or a spa service representative to ensure safety.

  2. A hose should be connected to the drain valve. Locate the drain valve, take off the cover, attach a garden hose to one end of it, and run the other end to a suitable drainage area.

  3. To let the water out, open the spa drain valve. You can let the water drain naturally, but it can take a while. Drain the water in 10 to 15 minutes by using a submersible water pump to expedite the process.

  4. The residual water can be removed with a wet-dry vacuum. Even with a submersible pump, some water will still collect at the spa's base and stay in the pipework and pumps. Puddles should be removed with the vacuum before switching to push mode. Use the vacuum to clear the pushed water after using the nozzle of the vacuum on the drain valve to push the last of the water from the pipes out through the jets. This step is particularly crucial if you're relocating your tub to a location with subfreezing temperatures. Another essential step in properly winterizing your hot tub is to completely drain it.

  5. Sanitize the spa. Before transporting the spa, you might want to take advantage of the opportunity to give it a thorough cleaning and fix any surface scratches.

The spa can be transported after being completely removed from electricity and drained. To transport the spa from its position to the street or your driveway, you should plan your path in advance.

Plan and Clear Your Route Before Moving

High-quality hot tubs can be extremely heavy - even when empty! Do not make any attempts to move the hot tub entirely by yourself.

When planning the route you'll travel to transfer your spa, take note of its height and width as well as the height and width of any door or gate openings and steps. Determine whether and how your hot tub will clear the entire road at both your old and new locations. To make moving it over the ground easier, you should also prepare to utilize a dolly, a sizable piece of cardboard, plywood, or even a thick blanket. Always take a dolly's height into account when using one.

After deciding on the best path to follow, tilt the hot tub onto its side on the cardboard, plywood, or blanket. Slide it slowly along the path you've chosen with the assistance of your buddies, taking your time at each step.

The Best Method for Moving a Hot Tub Safely is Contacting a Trained Spa Mover

After reading how difficult, time consuming, and potentially expensive moving a hot tub on your own can be - you may be asking yourself, how do I find a trained hot tub mover? The good news is you have come to the right place! Here at Pittsburgh Moving, our professionally trained movers disconnect, drain, and move spas every day. Our movers use the latest techniques, tools, and equipment available to make moving your hot tub a breeze. Find more information about hot tub moving, and the many other moving services we offer, by visiting us at Get your free moving quote today!

Written by Chad Enders

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