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There’s nothing quite like the beauty and majesty of a grand piano, whether the notes humming from its expansive soundboard are filling a cavernous concert hall or providing a festive backdrop for holiday parties at your home. 

Often heirloom pieces, pianos are more than just furniture. These pricy and beloved instruments hold the memories of family gatherings, years of lessons leading to mastery, and in some cases, multiple generations of pianists. 

In other words, you don’t want to leave them behind when you move to a new location, and you’re going to need skilled piano movers in Pittsburgh with experience in upright, baby grand, and grand piano moving. 

The difficulty with moving these massive instruments is two-fold: They’re heavy and they’re delicate. This is why you need strong movers. Our team has experts who can make sure that no damage is done to your beautiful instrument during transport. The qualified professionals at Extra Hands Pittsburgh have the equipment and expertise to manage this tricky move with the deftness of Chopin. 

The Top Grand Piano

Moving Company in Pittsburgh

The full, booming tones of a grand piano are enough to take your breath away, but the volume and force you enjoy come at a price – this is the largest of all pianos, ranging from about 6’ in length to as long as 9’ or more for a concert grand, and weighing up to 1,400 pounds. This can make for a difficult moving process, to say the least. 

Understandably, the average person may not feel comfortable undertaking grand piano moving, even with help from a lot of friends. There’s no need to risk throwing out your back, crushing a finger, or damaging your precious instrument. Simply contact Extra Hands Pittsburgh ahead of time to let us know that you need our top-rated piano movers in Pittsburgh to complete your move. 

Grand Piano

Baby Grand Piano Moving

Although baby grand pianos aren’t quite as large as their grand cousins, at lengths of 5’ to 5’5” and weights of 500-600 pounds, they’re still more than the average person can reasonably handle. That’s why Extra Hands Pittsburgh is pleased to offer baby grand piano moving service. 

When your household is packed and your furniture is prepped to move, don’t forget to choose a qualified piano moving company in Pittsburgh that can handle all of your cargo, including the baby grand.

Upright Piano Movers in Pittsburgh

When you hire a piano moving company in Pittsburgh, it’s important to specify whether you’re moving a baby grand, grand, or upright piano, as this can affect the price. Generally speaking, upright pianos are not only much smaller and lighter than their grand counterparts (although they can weigh up to 800 pounds, depending on size), but they are much easier to maneuver, thanks to vertical soundboards.

This doesn’t necessarily make them easy to move, though, and it’s still best to leave it to the professionals if you want to prevent injury and/or damage to your instrument. With the right piano movers in Pittsburgh, you can significantly reduce the stress of moving this bulky, yet delicate instrument. 

If your move involves a piano, contact the friendly and experienced team at Extra Hands Pittsburgh online to request a free quote. Let us show you how we can make your move easier.
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