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Full Service Moving

Are you interested in moving without doing any of the work? Then our Pittsburgh full service moving is for you. 


Extra Hands PGH’s Full Service Movers in the Pittsburgh area will quite literally handle every aspect of your move. 


You don’t have to pack anything, buy any boxes, or lift a single thing.


Full service moving is the luxury item of the moving industry. You get to have all of your items cared for by experienced professionals that have wrapped, packed, and moved household goods and furniture for many other people and families just like yourself. 

To get started, click on the contact button to fill out a quote form or just call us directly! 


Mover Packing

Why hiring us for your full service move is beneficial to you:

  • All items are wrapped, packed, and boxed for you. 

  • Movers bring all of the supplies and moving equipment. 

  • Movers load items into the moving truck that we provide, and unload items into your new home. 

  • Work with you to make sure the special items are especially protected, and that everything ends up exactly where you want it to be in your new place. 

  • We can unpack and put away everything for you at the new home, or just put items in the room that they belong in so that you can organize later. This is 100% up to you. 

  • Movers take extra care to make sure that you are happy since they will be with you throughout the entire moving process. 

  • Items get driven to your new home quickly and safely, not shipped in a container with 30 other people’s items.

In person and/or virtual estimates can be performed so the movers know exactly what to bring for you. 


You don’t have to do any of the physical, time intensive labor. Any mover can pick up your couch and put it down somewhere else. Full service movers take the time to make sure that your couch will look just as good in your new place as it looks now. 

They also will do all of the packing, boxing, and wrapping for you. Most people who try to do the packing and wrapping themselves are surprised at how much work it is, and how long it takes to do these things correctly. 


You have enough to worry about dealing with landlords, realtors, cable, utilities, a new area, and the million other things that are involved with moving. 


Let us take care of the moving labor for you so that you can focus on everything else. 


The same movers take care of you and your belongings every step of the way. The same people who packed your books and jewelry will know where to put in your new home. Since our movers pack everything for you and know where it belongs, there won’t be any confusion when we are unloading your furniture and boxes into your new home. 

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