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Moving can be both exciting and heartbreaking, whether you’re upgrading to a bigger home in a better neighborhood or you’re planning a cross-country relocation. It can be an emotional roller coaster that’s made more difficult by the hassles of packing, loading, and transporting your entire household to a new destination. Logistical challenges like moving large, heavy, or specialty items can make the process even harder. 

This is when you need the expert large item movers at Extra Hands Pittsburgh. Our qualified and experienced team of specialty movers in Pittsburgh is capable of handling a range of unusual items, including appliances, safes, hot tubs, and more. 

There’s no need to struggle to figure out how to load, transport, and unload these items – let the friendly and accommodating team at Extra Hands Pittsburgh do the heavy lifting for you. 


Specialty Movers in Pittsburgh

for Hot Tubs

At Extra Hands Pittsburgh, moving specialty items is just one of the many convenient services we offer. If you have a hot tub you’d like to take with you or you’re having a new one dropped off in the driveway of your new home, our strong and experienced team of movers is more than capable of getting the job done. 

All you have to do is give us some notice and we’ll make sure the right people are in place to smoothly transition this specialty piece. 

Even if you have friends that are willing to help, you don’t want to risk injury trying to maneuver this heavy, bulky item, nor do you want to risk damaging a pricey piece of property. 

With the right specialty moving company in Pittsburgh, you won’t have to lift a finger or waste a moment worrying about the logistics of getting your hot tub to its new destination. All you should think about is how soon you’ll be sipping mimosas in the warm, bubbling water, enjoying the scenery at your new home. 

Specialty Item Movers for Appliance Moving

If your matched set of modern kitchen or laundry appliances is practically new and in good working order, there’s no reason to leave them behind. Whether you need dishwasher, oven, and fridge movers or you’re looking to take your washer and dryer along for the ride, the experienced appliance movers at Extra Hands Pittsburgh have you covered. 


Moving Specialty Items Like Safes

The desire to protect your most precious possessions may lead you to purchase a safe, which is naturally designed to provide a secure stronghold for its contents. As a consequence, safes can be extraordinarily heavy and difficult to move (the better to protect your valuables from theft). 

This could leave you facing a conundrum when it comes time to move – how can you transport a safe that’s meant to stay put? You’re going to need a specialty moving company in Pittsburgh equipped to handle such items, and Extra Hands Pittsburgh has the expertise you’re looking for. 

The Top Commercial Equipment Specialty Moving Company in Pittsburgh

In addition to residential moving services, Extra Hands Pittsburgh is pleased to offer specialty item movers for commercial purposes. If you have heavy or bulky equipment that you simply can’t manage on your own, let our team of specialty movers in Pittsburgh take the reins and manage loading, transport, and unloading at your new business location. 

Contact the friendly and experienced team at Extra Hands Pittsburgh online to request a free quote for specialty items. We can’t wait to make your move easier.
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