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labor only Moving Services


Whether you’re moving for a job or you’re moving your business to a new location, the difficulties of uprooting your life cannot be overstated. Stresses are compounded when your move is long distance. You need an experienced long-distance moving company in Pittsburgh to help you create and execute a comprehensive plan to get from here to there. 

Plenty of interstate moving companies are happy to throw your stuff in a truck and trundle it to a new location, but you need more. Whether you feel comfortable handling the packing and unpacking on your own or you’re interested in full-service long-distance moving in Pittsburgh -- complete with packing, loading, transport, unloading, and unpacking -- Extra Hands Pittsburgh supplies the friendly team of expert movers that will ensure a smooth and stress-free process. 

Labor-Only Movers in Pittsburgh to Help with Loading

Once you have your entire home or business packed into boxes and wrapped in layers of protective plastic, all that remains is to get your items onto trucks and moving toward your destination. Unfortunately, you might not have the physical ability to load everything by yourself. 

This is when you need a labor-only moving company in Pittsburgh, with strong movers who have the muscle to quickly and efficiently load trucks, not to mention the skill and experience to make sure that every item is safe during transport. Extra Hands Pittsburgh will get your life loaded up and ready to transport in no time. 

Labor-Only Residential Movers to Load and Unload Containers

Whether you’re using a storage unit or storage containers from places like PODS or ABF while you transition to a new space, your accommodating labor-only movers in Pittsburgh at Extra Hands Pittsburgh are happy to help with loading and unloading services. 

We can meet you at your specified location to efficiently load items into a truck at a storage facility, or alternately, help with PODS unloading when you’re ready to move into a new home or finish preparing a new commercial space. 

In-Home Services

Once you’ve got everything in your new home, you may find that you need help moving furniture, appliances, and other large items to their final positions within each room. Extra Hands Pittsburgh can help through our in-home service. 

Whether you simply can’t move an antique armoire, a heavy desk, or a massive sofa on your own, or you’ve just received a hot tub delivery in your driveway and you need it to be moved to your backyard, we’re happy to help you to get situated at your new location. We’ll get boxes to the rooms they belong in, as well! 

Easy Unloading with the Best Labor-Only Moving Company in Pittsburgh

If you’re on your way to the Steel City and you’re worried about how to unload your moving trucks when you arrive, never fear – Extra Hands Pittsburgh is ready to help. 

Our expert labor-only movers in Pittsburgh will arrive at your location as scheduled to safely deposit the contents of your trucks in your new residential or commercial setting so that you can start unpacking right away.

Packing Services with Labor-Only Moving in Pittsburgh

Moving with a truck service is a godsend for people who are contemplating a major relocation, but if you’re moving locally, you might be spreading your move over several days or weeks. If you have enough vehicles to get the job done, perhaps packing service is all you need. Extra Hands Pittsburgh is the labor-only moving company in Pittsburgh that has all of the options you need to save money by skipping the services you don’t need. 

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Reach out to the friendly and experienced team at Extra Hands Pittsburgh online to request a free quote for labor-only movers in Pittsburgh. We can make your move a breeze!
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