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Residential Moving Services

Uprooting and moving to a new location can seem like a daunting affair, even if you’re excited about the upcoming relocation. It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving across the country or down the still have to deal with the stresses of packing, transferring billing addresses, and getting your family and all your stuff from point A to point B. 

As your trusted residential movers in Pittsburgh, Extra Hands Pittsburgh is ready to help, with single or full-service options that ensure that you’ll always have access to the services you need at competitive pricing. 

No job is too small or too large. Whether you need apartment movers to assist with the upgrade to a single-family home or you’re looking for mansion movers to transport a lifetime of accumulated possessions to a new location, you’ll find just what you need with our seasoned team of residential movers in Pittsburgh. 

Standard residential moving 


Packing up a home can be a time-consuming process. Many people feel the need to weed through possessions – tossing, recycling, donating, and paring down as they go. Not only can this help to save time and money on the size of truck you rent and the time it takes for your local movers in Pittsburgh to relocate your household, but it significantly reduces the time you’ll spend unpacking at your new location. 

If you’re perfectly capable of packing on your own, standard moving services from Extra Hands Pittsburgh may be just what you’re looking for. 

This service includes skilled loading, safe transport, and careful unloading of items at your destination. If you’re looking for a residential moving company in Pittsburgh to literally do the heavy lifting for you, our experienced team is ready to pack the trucks and make sure that every item safely reaches your new home. 

Boxes in a Truck

Residential Long-Distance Moving Services

Whether you’re on your way to a new city to start your dream job, you’re off to college in another state, or you’re planning a cross-country relocation to follow your one true love, Extra Hands Pittsburgh is the residential moving company in Pittsburgh that gets your household from here to there intact and on time. Our residential and dorm movers offer equipment and services tailored to your unique requirements. 


Full service residential moving

Moving can be a taxing process...not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, too. If the stresses of an upcoming move have you feeling overwhelmed, you need to find residential movers in Pittsburgh that can offer comprehensive services. 

The friendly and accommodating team at Extra Hands Pittsburgh is on the job with full service moving assistance that includes:

  • Packing

  • Loading

  • Transport

  • Unloading

  • Unpacking 


In short, we offer end-to-end services so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll even supply moving boxes, packing supplies, and equipment as part of our full-service package. We’ll be with you every step of the way. We’ll even unpack and put away everything at your new home if that’s what you want! 

We strive to be the local moving company in Pittsburgh that provides the best quality service, along with outstanding support and much-needed peace of mind every client deserves. Our full-service residential package delivers!

Moving Boxes

Residential Labor-Only Services

Just because you’re moving doesn’t necessarily mean you need trucks from your residential moving company in Pittsburgh. If you’re simply looking for extra hands to help with loading or unloading your own vehicles, Extra Hands Pittsburgh is happy to supply local movers in Pittsburgh for this singular task – no truck rental required. 

Movers Working
Are you planning a local or long-distance move? Contact the friendly and experienced team members at Extra Hands Pittsburgh online to request a free residential moving quote and to learn more about how we can make your move easier. 
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