Packing Material

Please fill out the form below to order packing materials for your move!

For full service moves, we will supply boxes, packing paper and tape based on your size home. We only charge for materials that are used. This order form is only for specialty packing items listed below.

*Please use the name and contact info in which the booking is reserved under.

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Thanks for ordering! Please allow 24-48 hours for materials to be added to your estimate.

Moving Truck
Price List

Small Box - $1.98

Medium Box - $3.16
Large Box - $3.78

Extra Large Box - $10.34

Mattress Bag King - $20.00

Mattress Bag Queen - $18.00

Mattress Bag Full/Twin - $15.00

Wardrobe Box - $14.10

Dish Pack - $14.28
TV Box - $20.00
Furniture Pad - $14.95

Packing Paper - $9.95

Plastic Wrap - $30.00

Straps - $15.00

Tape (per roll) - $5.95