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We are Pittsburgh Moving! At Extra Hands PGH LLC, we pride ourselves on being the best movers with the best prices within the city of Pittsburgh and the surrounding area as well. 

Whether you need help with a local move in Pittsburgh or long distance moving in or out of Pittsburgh, we are to help your move go smoothly. Extra Hands PGH moves

Extra Hands will help you with all of your moving needs, whether the moves are big or small. Having completed hundreds of moves successfully, our Pittsburgh movers have seen it all! 

Our company always aims to be affordable, caring, and above all professional. When you book our move with us, we will send strong and athletic movers to help move all of your big items safely and your small items quickly. 

We can provide anything in Pittsburgh from full service moving, packing and wrapping service, furniture assembly and disassembly, in home moving, and more! 

We are experienced in loading trucks efficiently, unloading trucks quickly, and wrapping and packing delicate items safely. 

Some moving companies in Pittsburgh are afraid of moving big or heavy items, but we welcome the challenge! We have experience with piano moving, treadmills, ellipticals, oversized couches, large hutches, armoires, and more! Just let us know that you have these big items when you schedule with us so that we can send our strongest guys. 

And if you are looking for cheap movers, we can be the company for you as well! 

We know that we have the best and most affordable prices in the city but we are willing to work with people on a budget. We work hard to make sure that our customers are happy, no matter how big or small the move is. 

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For scheduling, please click to call on the top of the home page to call or text for a quote. Or click on the moving quote button to send us an email. 

Quote prices depend based on the number of movers you need, the amount of items you have, and your location in the city. There may be a charge for same day and last minute moves as well so that we can reasonable help you in a timely and professional fashion. 

Whether you need us to provide a moving truck, need helping rearranging big items in your home, or are looking for labor only movers, we are happy to help! 

We hope to make your our next happy customer! Contact us today to help make your move quick, easy, affordable, and pain-free!

Why Choose Us?

Young Professionals, Willing to Help  
and Hard-Working
Ready to Accommodate
Your Schedule 
and Fair

Full Service Moving: This means that you want us to wrap and pack everything at your old home, and unwrap and unpack everything at your new home. This service does cost more because it will take more time, but you can’t put a price on quality and a job well-done!

Piano Moving: Yes, we have young and strong movers that are happy to help you move your piano. Give us advanced notice so that we can get our best moving professionals on the job. There is a difference in price for upright pianos vs. baby or grand pianos, so please let us know what you have when booking. 

Hot Tub Moving: If you’ve never tried to pick up a hot tub- don’t. They can be really heavy. But our movers have straps and dollies to move them reliably and safely. Give us some notice before you need it moved so we can schedule our strongest crew to help. 


Local Moving: If you’re moving from Pittsburgh to Pittsburgh, we got yinz covered. We live in and work in the city, so we know the best routes to take, and the best truck sizes to bring. 

     All 5 Star Google Reviews!!!    

Small Moves: These are our favorite! If you’re a student, young professional, or just don’t have a lot of stuff, we are the movers for you! We have helped Pitt students change apartments, CMU students move out of dorms, and Duquesne students move into South Side Houses. We also love meeting fellow young professionals and helping them move into new apartments or their first home. If you are looking for a fast and cheap move, you have found the perfect movers. All you have to do is call and we’ll handle the rest. 

Big Moves: If you have A LOT OF STUFF, we can help make your big move a little easier and make moving day a lot less stressful. We will bring a big box truck and a moving crew that’s ready to work all day long if needed.  Just give us some notice so that we can reserve a big truck and moving team for your move. 

Loading Trucks, Storage Units, and Pods: If you are moving out of town or into storage, we are the packing pros that you need. Loading trucks, storage units and pods is a lot like playing tetris and we happen to be the experts. Our crew leaders like Alex, Josh, Alain and Abe are all great packers that will fit all of your items into the space that you have. 

Unloading Trucks, Storage Units, and Pods: If you are moving to Pittsburgh from out of town, or need your items out of storage and into your new home, we are the team for you! We will unload your belongings and get them into your new home quickly, safely, and efficiently. We always ask to make sure that your furniture and belongings end up exactly where you want them to be.

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